About Us

WE, the Alumni of Petrus Truong Vinh Ky all learn and try to possess notable characteristics: being truthful to each other; being respectful to others political and sexual orientation, being able to laugh at all kind of hardships; being good individuals, good fathers, good mothers, good husbands, good wives, good children, good friends; being able to look at others and see the best as much as the worst and help others improve. We come together with the mature love which blossoms from our years of studying in the same school and not judging others solely on their religion, background, achievement or problems.

WE, the Alumni of Petrus Truong Vinh Ky all hope that doing good deeds for our family, friends and others make our life more meaningful. We memorized social lessons years ago in school and we believe that practicing those lessons take a lifetime. Dried leaves will become fertilizers for the earth that nurtured their tree, one generation will help the following one.
WE, the Alumni of Petrus Truong Vinh Ky all appreciate the chance that we had, being students of that school, and we would like to cherish those years and will continue build up our traditions: academic, loving, caring, and open-minded. We will stand together having fun and working for our purposes.